Tips to make sure you enjoy your Wedding Day

Everybody agrees that planning a wedding is a challenging and stressful endeavor especially if you have been involved in all stages of the preparation. As the bride, however, your job does not end with making sure everything is in order, you also have to ensure that everybody, including you and your husband-to-be is having fun in your wedding.

Tips to make sure you enjoy your Wedding Day

So how can you enjoy the day when you finally tie the knot? Here are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before your wedding.

I know you might be very nervous the night before your wedding, but you have to calm down and hit the sheets as early as you can. Getting plenty of sleep before your wedding day will ensure that you have replenished energy levels to last throughout a crazy yet fun-filled day ahead of you. Drinking tea hours before your bedtime might help you calm down and feel sleepy.

  • Give yourself enough time to get ready.

There are some brides who look haggard and unhappy as they’re walking down the aisle and this is often due to the rushed preparations that she has to go through in the morning. Make sure that you wake up early to have plenty of time to get ready. This will also give you enough time to study yourself before you come out and have your make-up artist do some improvements that you think are necessary.

  • Dance the night away.

Once the ceremony is done and you’re already at the reception, don’t forget to shake yourself loose and dance. Have fun, drink some alcohol, change to your flats and dance with your bridesmaids, family, and friends. Don’t forget to share an intimate song or two with your husband as well.

Having fun in your wedding day is a must, especially for you and your fiancé. Stop worrying about anything that might go wrong and just savor every moment of your special day.

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Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

How important is a bridal shower? Well, for many brides-to-be, the experience of getting married is not complete without having a bridal shower! If you’re planning to throw a great bridal shower for a friend, you need to make sure that everything is perfect so that everyone will enjoy. For this post, let’s take a look on how you can put together a perfect bridal shower menu!

  • It’s all about the theme!

Every wedding follows a certain theme and you can use this information to come up with bridal shower menu ideas. For example, if the bride is having a luau-themed wedding, you can serve tropical fruits, brightly-colored sweets, and sandwiches in the bridal shower. Similarly, if the theme of the wedding is something more uptight, like a French-inspired wedding, you can serve exquisite wine and cheese during the bridal shower!

On the other hand, if the bridal shower has a color theme, serve food items which follow the theme. For example, if you’re going for lively colors, serve vegetables and fruits which have the colors of red, yellow, and green. You can also bake sweets and decorate them with colorful frostings.

  • Consider the food preferences of the attendees.

Food preferences should be a huge consideration in creating a bridal shower menu. There are many people who will attend the party and you have to make sure that everybody will love the food. However, always remember that the bride should have the most fun during the bridal shower; therefore, the food should be the ones that she enjoys the most.

Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

Regardless of the theme, food that is generally liked by everyone include pizza, chicken fingers, salmon, shrimp, devilled eggs, fruits, vegetables, cheese or chocolate fondue, and of course, wine. Serve non-alcoholic drinks as well for those who will not be drinking that night.

  • Finger food is your best friend.

Most experts agree that finger food is one of the best choices when it comes to preparing a menu for a bridal shower. I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers before and almost every great bridal shower I’ve been to serve finger food. Finger food is easy to prepare and you can have a huge variety of food for everyone. Furthermore, finger food is easy to eat and carry around, giving guests the freedom to mingle and truly enjoy the party.

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Make your Wedding Casual and & DIY

DIY projects are always fun especially when you’re preparing for a big day like your wedding. If you’re looking for ways to save money when planning your wedding here are some great DIY ideas that you can easily do.

Save-the-dates and invitations are a good place to start with your DIY projects. Designing your own invitations will make it more personal when you send them out to your family and friends.

If you have a spacious backyard or garden, it might be a good place for you to have your ceremony, reception or both. Just have a few things fixed up in your yard to make space for a place to seat the guests (and food) and a place for the ceremony. This will give a more comfortable feel to your celebration. Celebrations need to be captured;  Des Moines Wedding Photographers will definitely take beautiful shots of your special occasion.

Make your Wedding Casual and & DIY

The decoration is always fun to play with. Paper and ribbons can easily be turned into something pretty. Long pieces of paper and ribbon can be coiled and made into circles which can be hung on above the table setting. Colored ribbon and paper can be made used to accentuate your table setting. From the candle holders, napkin fastener and placemats. Personalized stickers can also be used to add your little touch to the decorations and even the favors.

Make your Wedding Casual and & DIY

Edible favors are great DIY projects. Personalized cupcakes, cookies, chocolate or candies are great as party favors at weddings. You can decorate it to match your wedding theme and add your personalized stickers on the box.

Flowers can be quite expensive and can be difficult to work it sometimes. Creating paper flowers can be used instead for decorations. Crepe paper is best to use when creating paper flowers. You can make flowers of any color and any size that will suit your wedding’s theme. Your DIY wedding would not be complete without someone to capture your special moments, hire Jacksonville, NC Photography for amazing wedding photos.

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Travel-themed Wedding

Over the years, there are many wedding trends surfacing and one of them is travel-themed wedding. I’ve been to many travel-themed weddings before and I have collected a lot of ideas which you can use if you’re interested to use the theme on your own wedding.

Travel-themed Wedding

Here are some tips I’m happy to share with you:

  • Travel-themed seating charts

During your wedding’s reception, point your guests to their seats with a travel-themed seating chart! A wedding I attended with some wedding photographers Toronto featured a seating chart which resembles a map, and each table were named as destinations of the map. I think this works well and it helps achieve the theme of the wedding.

  • Travel-themed Save the Date

Give your guests a hint of what your wedding’s theme will be by distributing creative Save the Dates! You can use envelopes with the shape of luggage or cut-outs of your favourite destinations and countries. Also, I have seen Save the Dates for travel-themed weddings in the form of Post Cards or airplane tickets!

  • Travel-Themed Centerpiece

Your centerpiece will get a lot of attention so it is just fitting to make sure it stays true to the theme. You can arrange a neat stack of travel books as your centerpiece, or a cute globe figurine.

  • Travel-Themed Table Names

I really love it when couples assign names to their guests’ tables, rather than the traditional table number. For this you can create a seating chart similar to the Number 1 and label your guests’ tables with destinations from all over the world. You can name a table Shanghai, Paris, Singapore, Brussels, and pretty much any place you desire to go to!

So here are just some of the tips that I can share if you want to have a travel-themed wedding. In my opinion, the theme of the wedding is achieved not only through the decorations but with the sounds as well. Get an excellent DJ to play at your wedding and inform them of your theme. A Pittsburgh Wedding DJ might be able to help you make your guests feel like they’re on a world tour with songs and sound effects.

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